Birdcages, flowers and music in the Berghof

Franklin Schneider wrote an article called “Hitler’s Hideaway: the Worst Real Estate Ever” in 2015 about an article which was written by Ignatius Phayre for “House and Garden” in 1938 and recently republished on holocaust denier David Irving’s website.

I agree it is true that Hitler’s taste is a bit questionable. But Scheider’s article makes me wonder more about Ignatius Phayre and his fascination with the  Berghof. Was he informed by the same people who helped Pauline Kohler with all the lively details she described about life in the Berghof in her so-called autobiography “I was Hitler’s Maid” which was published by John Long, London in 1939.

She also talks about the bird cages, the flowers and the music. She mentions his meatless diet, his passion for Alsatian dogs and his library.

One point that Schneider doesn’t get right in his article is the his comment that “the notorious suicide bunker where Hitler took poison was under the villa”. Hitler actually died in Berlin.


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